I have been taking photos for 10 years. Exactly 10 years and 5 days ago my mother bourght me first camera Canon Powershot A540. I was very, very happy. I usse tu use that model for over 5 years till November 2011, when finally the camera was down after 84,5k shoots. Sounds impressive, however lots of its han’t been done properly. The main reason which brought that camera down was mainly bridghness balance. During the autunm 2011 I was doing mountain guide course, when I used to visit many market towns, estates, manors and castles I had to remember some architectonic details. The camera was my basic item during that time, when I could take pictore and then analize interesting details and eventually prepare to exams. When my first Canon was broken I had to buy another one immediately. My situation wasn’t comfortable, because in November 2011, 5 months after my graduate I was jobless. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford a better camera, but I didn’t want to buy the worst one. I made the quick decision to buy next Canon (Canon SX 130 IS), which impressed me a 12Mpx sensor and 12x superzoom (better than my binoculars – 10×50). I have been using Canon SX130 IS till now. Since november 2011 I took another 60k pictures. Finally for 10 years (since May 15, 2006) I took over 140k photos in nearly 20 countries.

I was aware, that Canon SX130 IS may go down soon, so I decided looking for next one since last winter. I dreamed about digital single lens reflex camera, but I wanted quite small object at once. Decision was very hard for me, becouse I couldn’t find camera with every satisfactory parameters, which I was thinking about. I was considerating between Nikon D5300 (24Mpx, HDR, RAW, FHD, Zoom Lens), Canon Powershot G3X (20,2Mpx, HDR, RAW, FHD, 25x optical zoom) and Canon Powershot SX60 HS (16,1Mpx, HDR, RAW, FHD, 65 optical zoom). Both Canon models are compact camera and have some downsides like e.g. smaller sensor. Finally you can receive more noisy photos, but you don’t want it. Eventually I decided to buy a first digital single lens reflex camera in my life – Nikon D5300.

nikond5300 fotoblogia
Nikon D5300 (fotoblogia.pl)
My new camera

The Nikon 5300D model offers a 24Mpx sensor, an articulated rear LCD and lot of ophysical controls. Main interface is so nice (picture below) and clearly readable.

D5300 main interface

The D5300 offers many important options like High Dynamic Range (HDR), beefed-up video mode (1080/60p HD video), fully-articulated 1.04Mo LCD screen. Useful features include RAW format, effect shooting mode, Wi-fi,GPS mode and many others (picture below). Battery life gets a boost too, because D5300 offers an endurance of 600 shots. This camera is really easy to use. You can enjoy a number of programs and designt your photo
as much as you can.
I don’t know this camera totally yet, but in my opinion just touchscreen is missing. It’s not a big problem.

nikond5300 opcje

nikond5300 opcje2
Some D5300 facilities

The thing that I enjoyed the most was a RAW photo managment (picture below), where you can change the photo colours, brightness and overlap the pictures.

nikond5300 opcje3
RAW edition facilities

I went to the town to make a short D5300 test. See the results below.

View towards Waitrose in Aylesbury, modified in greenscale ( f 4.5, 1/80s, ISO 800; 17.05 20:48 BST)
Aylesbury, St Mary’s the Virgin Church (f3.5, 1s, ISO 160, 17.05 21:39 BST)
Aylesbury, Market Square (f3.5, 1/25s, ISO 6400, 17.05 21:24 BST)
Aylesbury, High Street, picture overlap 17.05, 21:15 BST
Aylesbury, Coronation Villas, HDR Painting, 18.05, 19:00 BST
Aylesbury, Coronation Villas, Miniature effect, 18.05, 19:05 BST

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Mariusz Krukar