In this article about the photography in Samsung Galaxy S5 I would like to show the process of photo image retouch. If somebody missed my previous articles about this or would like to learn more I have the links below about:

  1. Taking photos in the Samsung Galaxy S5
  2. Making movies in the Samsung Galxy S5

Each photo, which has been taken by the Galaxy S5 you can retouch. The proces is analogical to the photo image retouch in the Nikon D5300, which I described a couple months before.

I devided this issue for a couple parts, which I described shortly below.

  1. The picture edition

a) Adjustment

The adjustment option allows you to rotate, crop and resize your photo (Pic.1). The most interesting within the rotate option is a mirror view, which you may receive for a half of your photo (Pic.2,3).

Pic.1 The picture adjustment options.
Pic.2 The Mirror view option preparing.
Pic.3 The Mirror view, which divides your photo for two parts.

In the next picture below you can see the simple way to crop your picture (Pic.4). Those of operations you may do in some graphic programmes also.

Pic.4 The Crop the picture option.

b) Tone

You can use this option, when you want to enhance some colours in your picture or make a slightly changes of the contrast and saturation. (Pic.5)

Pic.5 The tone options.

c) Effects

There is a 25 effects, which you can apply into your basic photo (Pic.6), and obviously it will change your image in the very interesting ways (Pic.7-15).  The most important thing is, that if you want to set one certain effect only you always need to start from the basic photo (Pic.16). Otherwise your photo will be modified by another effects, which you used prior to current one.

Pic.6 25 picture effects in the Galaxy S5.
Pic.7 The Galaxy S5 picture effects: 1 – basic photo, 2 – Vintage, 3 – Nostalgia, 4 – Blue Wash.
Pic.8 The Galaxy S5 picture effects: 1 – Nostalgia, 2 – Greyscale, 3 – Tint, 4 – Stardust.
Pic.9 The Galaxy S5 picture effects: 1 – Vintage, 2 – Lightflare, 3 – Downlight, 4 – Blue Wash.
Pic.11 The Galaxy S5 picture effects: 1 – Basic photo, 2 – Soft Glow, 3 – Light Flare, 4 – Light Streak
Pic.12 The Galaxy S5 picture effects: 1 – Impressions, 2 – Cartoon, 3 – Negative, 4 – Sketch.
Pic.13 The Galaxy S5 picture effects: 1 – Posterize, 2 – Gothic Noir, 3 – Magic Pent, 4 – Vignette
Pic.14 The Galaxy S5 picture effects: 1 – Fade, 2 – Sepia.
Pic.15 The Galaxy S5 picture effects: The pop art option.
Pic.16 Using picture effects for earlier modified photo by previous picture effect, e.g. the Pop art.

Besides remember, that you have also opportunity to mark a some part of the image only by your effect, which you have chosen. You need beforehand to mark the shape of part of the image, which you would like to change. It is possible to do this operation many times (Pic.17).

Pic.17 Covering some parts of the photo by picture effects.

d) Portrait

A very interesting way to make your photo as best as possible refers to a couple of portrait options (Pic.18). You can erase every noisy spot, which may exists on your face. Beside another colours of your face may be enhanced like your lips or skin. To use this option you need to put your face properly, exactly in front of your rear camera.

Pic.18 The Galaxy S5 Portrait options.

e) Decoration

This is a very nice and sometimes a funny way to upgrade your photo using so many signatures, which may be suitable into your image situation (Pic.19,20) or set your stamp, frame and another image also (Pic.21). On top of that this option allows you to use a pencil tool and draw some random shapes or lines in your image. As an output you may receive the image like below (Pic.22).

Pic. 19 The Galaxy S5 Decoration options.
Pic. 20 The Galaxy S5 decoration options (2)
Pic. 21 The Galaxy S5 decoration options (3): stamp (left) and style (right)
Pic.22 The Galaxy S5 decoration options (4): frames
Pic.23 The Galaxy S5 decoration options output file example.

2. Photo details

After when you put the “More info” option you will receive some important details of your photo (Pic.24). Thanks to this you will know if you put some photo tags, locations etc.

Pic.24 The Galaxy S5 photo details.

3. The photo & movie studio

In the photo or the movie studio you are able to make some mixes and a various albums, with the images, which you have made before (Pic.25).

Pic.25 The Galaxy S5 photo & video studio

a) Photo studio

Here you are able to edit your image in the way you want. Everything you have described in the first point above.

b) Collage Studio

The Collage Studio allows you to prepare a good photo albums contained a couple of photos on the big one image. It may contain a modified images also (Pic.26,27). You can change an aspect ratio, layout and the background of your album image (Pic.28). When you think, that your album contains too much images you may select some of them and erase (Pic.29).

Pic.26 The Galaxy S5 collage studio options.
Pic.27 The Galaxy S5 Collage studio options (2).
Pic.28 The Galaxy S5 Collage studio option (3): change the aspect ratio (left) and background (right).
Pic.29 The Galaxy S5 collage studio options (4) an album with changed background and layout.
Pic.30 The Galaxy S5 collage studio options (5): The way to erase some photo.

c) Shot & More

This option allows you to edit a couple photos at the same time in order to keep those images in the same quality and the level of edition. You can’t use this option, when you didn’t make photos with the Shot & More option.

d) Videoclip studio

Videoclip studio allows you to:

– make a slideshows with your created images. You can use either a new photos or a newly modified images based on your photos taken previously. Besides the slideshow may contain the music background if you want to and another additional effect from several  like: thermal colour, mirror, old film, etc.

– modify your movies: you may put a couple of your movies into longer one or divide some too long movies into the shorter ones. Everything with a various music background if you like to (Pic.31).

Pic.31 The Galaxy S5 videoclip studio: editing the movies (left) and editing music background (right).

e) Video trimmer

This option allows you to modify your movie duration. When you have some parts of your movie, which you don’t want to there is an opportunity to trim it out (Pic.32).

Pic.32 The Galaxy S5 video trimmer option.

Mariusz Krukar